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The Mission

Voice of Triumph Ministries is on a mission to empower people to excel spiritually, mentally and physically.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the premise upon which all worship, charitable, training and social initiatives are carried out.  From preaching the message of wholeness through Jesus Christ, to feeding the hungry, to clothing the poor, to mentoring urban teens (through Operation Link-Up), to training ministry workers (Make The Connection Summits) this ministry is making a difference! 
We believe that the Word of God is the foundation of good success.  Therefore, biblical truth is exalted above all else in our ministry endeavors.  Please pray that God will help Pastor Titus Lee, his staff and ministry team to fulfill their mission for Christ.       
Voice of Triumph Ministries is on a great mission!  We ask you to please stand with us in prayer for the following areas:
* Pray for Pastor Titus Lee
* Pray for every evangelism event 
* Pray for continual impact of Operation Link-Up on teens
* Pray for our ministry training events
* Pray for continual provision to minister to hurting and helpless people   


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